We Oppose Any National “Right to Work” Legislation

We hope you sign our petition to let the President and Congress know we stand against any potential “Right to Work” legislation. There are so many fights we will engage in the weeks to come. It is important all stand united against anything that impacts the all American. Our workforce must not be pushed into a hostile anti-labor environment.

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We oppose any potential national “Right to Work” legislation in Congress. We are in favor of laws that make it easier to form and join labor unions. We believe “Right to Work” laws only benefit the wealthiest of Americans and are regressive in nature.

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we need to have the ability to organized not just solely for the right of the employees but for a sound future for the companies. we need to ensure all sides futures without the lopped sidedness we have seen in the pass 30 years. We need to primary any and all congress members that support the current lies and falsehoods about FREE TRADE.

I don’t see an organized labor . I see labor riding it’s past history and not making great history today .

Believing that lie diminishes any hope of the American Dream for all of us. Just another form of tyranny.

Management has never paid labor a fair wage. That’s what started the union’s.
and free trade is against our constitution, any politician that votes for it should be impeached for office. TAX the imports and make a strong America again.

“Right to Work” actually means no rights for workers.

Right to work laws threaten our democracy and workers representation.

I spent 45 years of my career as a union and management employee for the railroads. I watched other companies close the doors because of 13 labor unions. I know both must work together to make a fair balance, but management must be willing to give at the table and their excessive bonuses must be stopped.

I evidence shows corporate wants slave labor. Right to work states does not support labor right’s. The more we have slave labor, middle class will disappear. Slave labor was not good for any race in the past and not for the present or the future. If it wasn’t for our forefathers in Unions, we wouldn’t have benefits we have now

Keep up the fight

This is just a means to break the unions and to strip workers of their rights and their right to a living wage. It’s unacceptable. It’s unconscionable.

So now employees are going to have to fight for their rights to have Unions and this is supposed to make America great again? Or are we going backward to unfair wages and treatment by Management and Corporations?

Sadly, we are going backward in many areas. This is only one of many. I am not necessarily a liberal but there are some things that should not happen and the dismantling of worker rights is one of those things.

There is certainly no hidden agenda here. Destroy the Unions .We knew Armageddon was coming but guessed it would come
the day after the inauguration .

This is a very anti-Union bill the right to works means you don;t have to sign up for a union that’s obvious!

No one should ever be forced into a union if they do not want to join.

Then you get zero Representation from the Union!!! I’m for that. Are you??? Why should my dues cover your butt??????

If someone doesn’t want to pay union dues they should not apply for a union job.

Scott: I agree, but this idea that unions force people to join is not accurate–it is a myth that is promulgated by anti-union corporations and politicians to frighten people away from the idea of unions. Unions have done more for working people than any other single institution: decent wages, better working conditions, retirement pensions, limited hours of work, overtime pay, benefits such as paid health care and vacation and sick leave.

Agree with Millard Cox. Unions are groups of workers who stand together on workers’ rights. Where do contemporary workers think the following “norms” came from: 8-hour day, health & safety regulations, bathroom breaks, lunch breaks, vacation, holidays off, some health insurance, laws against child labor, freedom to leave workplace when workday is finished? Before the right to form unions & engage in collective bargaining, we had indentured servitude, that is, slavery based on race and income and social status. You were either a. Usiness owner or a worker with no rights. Do people know that the Constitution only allowed white… Read more »

Please provide a service to those of us who wish to contact our state and national legislatures and administrations by providing a directory of these with POSTAL ADDRESSES, TELEPHONE NUMBERS, EMAIL ADDRESSES AND TWITTER ADDRESSES. Many of us of an age, believe a personal letter carries more weight than an electronic mass mailing. Finding contact information for all elected representatives and administration personnel is really difficult and frustrating. To deliver a Progressive message in as impactful manner as possible I think we should be using every opportunity and option available.

Keep your congressmen on point. Any issues you are concerned with here is the number. It takes 5 minutes: , Call the Capitol Switchboard at #866-220-0040. Tell the operator which elected rep your message is for and state your comment briefly. They keep a tally. Your message WILL go thru

When workers organize, workers win.

Younger generations ignorant to what labor unions have done for this ountry. Right to work laws are a step ito the past.

Right to Work the most Misnamed Law Ever!

I live in NC, a “right to work” state, which means a “right to get fired” state. I teach at a community college and I have no chance for tenure; I am contracted year to year. I do not in any way support “right to work” legislation.

Unions were a major source of middle class income in this country for most of the 20th century. As union membership began to decline over the past 20 years, so did that middle class. We do not want to go back to being at the mercy of employers.

Unions helped bring Americans the 40-hour work week, the 8 hour work day, workplace safety standards, minimum wage, etc., which built the American middle class and improved our quality of life. “Right to Work” is code for the right to repeal 80 years of progress, shrink the middle class, and pay even more to obscenely overpaid CEOs.

I oppose so called “right to work laws”. Unions are the backbone of the middle class. We need more protection from unfair/unsafe labor practices. Not less.

No reason us productive members of society should have to bend another inch for the parasite class. “Right to Work” is nothing more than false pretense, because what that REALLY translates to is the “right to work for poverty wages”; or in other words, the “right to work for LESS”. Haven’t these parasites taken enough from us?!!

Corporations, who have power and money, have long pushed lies about the benefits of belonging to a labor union. They have engaged in violence to discredit workers who want better wages, adequate housing, and some hope for the future of their children. It was SHOCKING to me as a small business owner to learn that our UPS driver refused to pay union dues, but still had no trouble taking all the benefits the Union provided for her. Strong back, small brain. How the public can be so easily duped will always be a mystery to me – and yet I… Read more »

I wish that some literary-minded person could coin another “snappy” name for “Right to Work” which is more in line with truth, something like “License to Exploit”

You’ve made some good points there. I looked on the
internet for more information about the issue and found most individuals will go
along with your views on this web site.

“I am opposed to ‘right to work’ legislation because it does nothing for working people, but instead gives employers the right to exploit labor.” ~Eleanor Roosevelt

The very name of the law is a REPUBLICAN LIE! The name implies that there are states where workers do not have the right to work. As far as I know this is not true. There are people working in all fifty states and I don’t know of a single instance where anyone has ever been denied the “right to work” unless they have been unfairly discharged!

Right to Work laws mean you have the right to Work for Less.

Right to work means you will have the Right to Work for Less.

They will have to pry my union card from my cold hands!

While every American should have the right to work, they should have the right to form or join Unions of their own choice.

Right to Work laws are government interference in the free-market system, and should be opposed by any conservative or libertarian. Let the market decide, let the shop decide on union membership, without government control and interference.

Right to Work gives employers the Right to Exploit Workers. It needs to be opposed by all working people who want to have a decent life

Right to Work = Right to Work for Less

Fascists always break up unions in the countries they take over. America has been taken over by fascists.

Right-to-work is a slippery slope to legalized slavery. Wake up and Stop voting against yourselves! This new administration is just a landslide of facism and the beginnings of the destruction of our country. Our country is not being run by Americans!

3 million people voted more for Hillary than Trump. And trump wins? They have corrupted our democratic system. What happens when people feel they have lost any legal way to resolve their problems? You tell me….

Our Unions fund themselves so……LEAVE the UNIONS ALONE. This right to work is going backwards and will effect even the lowest paying jobs. We…the American people just want to make a living without juggling bills. I am extremely opposed to right to work. Single mom, that gets nothing for child support, even though I have tried for 12 years…..yet you want to take away the money I work my ass off for…. but we can waste our time on trying to bust the unions but not a damn thing to make a deadbeat dad pay what is court ordered!!!!! Leave… Read more »

Protect American workers.

I support workers rights

I support work rights

The employers are behind this action. They want to have complete control over their workers without interference from the unions. Special interest group, ALEC has a hand in this one. Their money is anywhere you find action to hurt the poor, working people.

There are states that passed right to work laws. The pay dropped for the workers, but the cost of the job stayed the same or was increased. Where did the money go ? Accidents went up adding to lost time and lost wages. Just who benefitted ? Workers who join together have better bargaining power . Jobs stabilize for worker and company. Less turnover of personnel and retaining trained employees pays off. Well paid employees are more productive and will enhance the stability of the business.

I taught High School and took a number of Masters courses on Labor and its trials in the 1800s. We need to strengthen Unions and increase membership.

What is it?? You don’t explaain what it is, just complain about it’s ghost@ I will not support anything that is not clearly defined. Is this for supporting illegal immigrants taking jobs from confirmed American citizens? Then I will ALWAYS support a “Right To Work” bill if it prefers citizens over illegals/unregistereds!!

“Right to work” means lower pay, fewer benefits, less safety. UNIONS gave us 5 day weeks, 40 hr weeks, paid vacation, sick days, health care, retirement plans, minimum wage, end of child labor — VIRTUALLY EVERY GAIN WORKERS EVR GOT – and UNION workers getting these meant these benefits spread to most of the rest of us who did not have the benefit of a union. “Right to work” means you can work in a union shop without paying union dues, undercutting unions – and without unions how long do you think the benefits they gained for us will last?… Read more »

The very description “Right to Work” is doublespeak straight out of Orwell’s 1984. The purpose of these laws is to ensure that employees have NO rights whatsoever, that they can be fired at any time and for any reason, that the reason does not have to be disclosed, and that there is no redress whatsoever against wrongful termination. How this can be called any form of a “right to work” is insane.

Fight so-called “Right to Work” rulings with “Right to Organize Workers” legislation. So-called “Right to Work” is actually “Right to Run-Over and Disregard the Masses, while usurping work for a few.” Call it what it is. Selfishness instead of caring for ALL WORKERS. Fight for All Workers to have a Right to Decent/Higher Wages and Worker Protections. Right for “All for One and One for All!”

Your a bunch of Hippocrates! Get over your loss please!