Stop H.R. 756, Postal Service Reform Act of 2017

We encourage you to sign our petition Stop the H.R. 756, Postal Service Reform Act of 2017. There are also convenient links to share the petition on social media.

The Postal Service Reform Act of 2017 is another hostile attack on America’s mail delivery service. It puts major restrictions on door-to-door delivery on new construction nationwide. It forces the post office to move its employees into Medicare at age 65 after the USPS has endured years of pre-funding retiree benefits at a pace seen nowhere in the public or private section.

We have provided a summary draft of H.R. 756, the Postal Service Reform Act of 2017 for your review. 

NARFE President Richard G. Thissen made the following statements:

“There are simple solutions to the financial problems facing the U.S. Postal Service, such as eliminating the prefunding requirement outright, but this bill takes a more complicated route – forcing current postal retirees and survivors who are satisfied with their current health insurance coverage to pay an additional $134 per month, or more, through Medicare to keep it.”

Thissen went on to say:

“Unfortunately, this bill avoids making those more difficult decisions. Instead, the bill unfairly places the full burden of balancing the Postal Service’s books on the backs of 76,000 postal retirees and their survivors.”

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The US Postal service is one of the most trusted federal agencies, completely self funded, as such it needs to be left alone. The only purpose in going after it is to privatize all postal services to enrich a private owner. It is also a vehicle to begin dismantling unions at the Federal level. Make no mistake about it, these attacks on Federal workers must be stopped now and right here or all union workers are at risk. Non-Union, middle class workers are also put in a position of a race to the bottom, when Union’s are weakened or destroyed.… Read more »

The Post Office is people I trust.
My letter carrier knows who I am and I know him.
Want to keep it that way.

UPS & FEDEX are too expensive. The US Postal Service is the best. I always use it, and support them and their unionized work force. Benjamin Franklin established the USPS, and it is mandated in the US Constitution. Postal Banking would be a great idea too.

The USPS has changed so much already. I live in Toledo, Ohio and we no longer have a main post office. Our mail is now routed through Detroit, Michigan so if I mail something across town it takes between 3 and 4 days for it to get there. Before it was next day delivery if mailed before 2:00 pm.

Ridiculous. I’m a USPS fan too, but I wonder if these changes make it worth fighting for. I do believe that the federal union workers are the cornerstone of the country’s middle class, which is what tRump, Inc. wants so desperately to dismantle.

I’m originally from Toledo and my dad, both of his brothers and one of my aunts were proud employees of the Toledo Post Office.y dad was involved in the union, too. I’m sad to hear that there’s no longer a main post office in Toledo, which is where my dad and other relatives worked. I work at a small non-profit agency, where we rely on the postal service to bring us important mail, and also use it to send out a significant portion of our mail. It’s outrageous that they want to privatize the postal service, and to force long-term… Read more »
The attack on the USPS, orchestrated and fundied by the CEO of FedEx,ended in legislation that required the Postal Service to fully fund retirement benefits for the next 75 years. That means funding benefits for employees not even born yet. What other US corporation is legally required to do that? Oh the howls that would produce from CEO’s, “Unfair, unfair”. This is also an attack on the largest Union in the US. I’m not going to “work together” to destroy Labor Unions in order to race to the bottom. This will only line the pockets of a private entity and… Read more »

And think of the executive compensation these people get. THAT is where our problems begin, over-paying the wealthy and continuing to subsidize big ag, big pharma, big U-Name-It. Why do we insist on paying money to say Big Oil when the oil companies are so bloated with money it’s incomprehensible? One reason: K street.

how do we change that? I agree and don’t know what I can do to stop it.


I use the Postal Service for my business as well. Their priority service is as good as any of the private companies- usually for less cost. The Postal Service is the ONLY one who delivers to every address in the country! I do NOT want privatization at any level on USPS. I support them and the union that staffs them. I am tired of hearing (mostly Republican) politicians try to harm the most important basic communications service in the country! I want 6 day delivery maintained and I want the USPS to thrive!

UPS and FEDEX are FOR PROFIT corporations and have no interest in delivering anything for $0.50 per unit like the U.S. Postal Service. The USPS is the most cost effective and reliable way to deliver mail nationwide and should be kept alive for all Americans. Privatization is just a way to inject a profit motive and enrich some corporate high rollers at no benefit to the public.

To get my driver’s license renewed here in New Mexico I had to have an original birth certificate as well as other prof of residency. I was given a website through which I could get my birth certificate from San Francisco. The company is in Kentucky. They charged me $25 plus $12.50 handling and $19 for delivery by UPS. On top of that I had to get a form that they provided notarized for a fee. What a ripoff. The USPS could have delivered it for 46 Cents and their fee would have been reasonable. The post office could provide… Read more »

USPS is a vital necessity on a daily basis to keep the world together to function.

I receive my medications by mail and am happy. But if they are allowed to Privatize it we will pay outlandish fees of all items. Leave it alone. We are not going to allow some company make huge amounts at the expense of the public. The Constitution states it must remain a government entity. Keep your greedy hands off of it. Stop trying to destroy this government and country.

If it’not broke don’t fix it still applies folks.This is a total attack on a American service that is pretty much proven to work and has been great for over a century.Yet we can even think about changing it is a crime against every American.

This needs to viewed through the lens of NATIONAL SECURITY. There is no other agency OT for-profit company that comes in contact with EVERY address 6 days a week. In the event of a national emergency ONLY THE USPS is poised to facilitate widespread communication especially if many, most all electronics are down.THIS IS A VITAL AND ESSENTIAL SERVICE especially at this time of uncertainty and stupidity.

The previous commenters said just about everything I think and I agree with it all. Just want to add one thought which is if the post office gets privatized the private owners would inherit a pre-funded retirement account the publicly funded Post Office worked so hard to comply with. What a steal for them! Was this their scheme in requiring it? I don’t think I would be overstating the case to say privatizing the Postal Service would mean the end of an American institution that has been there for everyone’s entire lifetime and adds to their perception of national stability.

Please leave Ben Franklin’s established service alone. Do not allow privatization.

The post office is a vital service in so many ways, and the total privatizers must keep their hands off, for all the reasons others here have laid out. Where does their love of the Constitution end? Anywhere they can increase the wealth of the already wealthy. END CORPORATE RULE!

I have lived in rural areas most of my life, and the post office is a life line for us.
Post offices should be able to cash checks, savings poor people from those every corner 400% loan sharks! Leave the posr office alone and change the 75 years rule!
Sandra Goettling

Bad idea in all respects. I have a business of selling old records through the mail. If the Post Office goes down, I’M OUT OF BUSINESS FOREVER. Nothing less. I checked existing UPS, FedUp (*sic*) rates and it costs something like $80 to send one little record overseas versus $13.50 via USPS. I think a package via those is more than $10. I would lose all the orders below $100, which is my bread and butter. Ebay and places like that would take a HUGE hit as well; I wonder if they’re even thinking about this.

Our Post Office is an AMERICAN VALUE!

I support keeping the USPS in its current form. The USPS is self-funded, and my experience is that the USPS is trustworthy and cost effective for me as a private citizen. Private mail delivery services do not have an incentive to deliver mail inexpensively to all parts of the country. In fact individual companies might end up being given a monopoly in different regions, which would be bad policy, as that would be the government choosing favourites. Also there are intangible benefits of having a government post office, connecting the country together, and demonstrating the the US government sometimes actually… Read more »

I go to the post office for all of my postal needs; from stamps to passport renewal.
Other means of mailing are far more expensive. Leave the United States Postal Service intact. Keep corporate America out!!!!!!

After all of those truths, I agree. The challenging fact is we the voting public will vote them back into office to be resold again to the highest Buyer!

Stop attacking U.S. workers and OUR social security. We put OUR money into the program. Leave it ALONE!

Trumps union busting has started it needs to be stopped right a way at all costs be for it spreads all over this great country that we are citizens of.

Sounds like just another attempt to privatize ALL government services.

Same old same old

Another angle for privatizing–we should probably say corporatizing–one of the best, most important & most trusted public services remaining! But the heartless cruelty of placing this artificially created “debt burden” on the backs of retired postal employees is PARTICULARLY INFURIATING! Americans must non-violently stand up against this!

They need to stop the consolidation of our postal facilities. Reopen our plants. I work for USPS. I worked at the Asheville P&DC in Asheville North Carolina. They shut our facility down in April 2015 and moved all mail to Greenville South Carolina. Now it takes longer for customers to get their mail. What would take a local letter one day, now takes 3 to 4 days and customers aren’t happy. Asheville is a growing city. One of the top rated cities to visit in top magazines. We need our facility reopened. I’m tired of the drive to work. Want… Read more »

Destroying the Postal Services and the benefits for retirees is also an attack to military families and veterans because the Post Office is one of the Companies in USA that employ veterans from the military.

What a travesty! Look what you have done to good people. you don’t want anyone to have a living wage and benefits. These jobs could once be considered a good job for a veteran.
Wait and see what your greed gets you in a time when money won’t matter. Every greedy thing done in our society affects the poor working people.

The GOP seems only interested in bankrupting all private business’ while they vote themselves pay raises on the taxpayers dime. Are we happy now?

The current day postal service is a joke…not like it was years ago…they have too many non trustworthy individuals working for them…dump them

It seems that Congress & President bought out by fat rich corporate persons like the Koch Bros. (the least of the awful hidden moneys) intend to destroy the government who is the only institution established by the constitution to serve the needs of the people – money versus people – republican objective – “hell starve them out” – that’s what Trump’s policy has done to the Ukraine and Syria and intends to do to the working poor and disabled working for less than minimum wage – they are out of touch – I know Republicans (well off) who fear and… Read more »

I salute and support the great HARD WORKING folks of the USPS! They serve thousands of residents every day of the week often in thankless tasks long hard hours in harsh weather delivering our mail at AFFORDABLE and highly competitive rates unlike the private for profit delivery services. Our USPS workers deserve our support and solidarity with them, and is often the only contact citizens have with their government…receive much blame but little appreciation. SALUTES to the USPS !!

I would really like Jerry Stidman, the guy who posts these petitions to figure out a way for US postal supporters to fight back, other than just signing another petition. Most people have no idea what Congress did to cripple the post office, a little actual push back would be more effective, the wonderful comments notwithstanding. I would help such a movement.

The attack on the postal service is an outrage, proving again that our elected officials ignore the preferences of the people they supposedly represent, at will! Too much damage has already been done to probably the most admired service in the land.

Might it help to have all postal employees and all the people in the area they serve write their Senators & Representatives & ask them to do something to help postal employees?

The people that deliver our mail in rural upstate NY are such great people!
Kate Ryan

Indeed, we must keep our US postal service as a matter of national security as well as a basic service for EVERYONE. (USPS delivers to every address in the country.)

I believe we should have postal banking added back in as a service. It would save a fortune for the poor who now have no bank account.

This attempt to close/privatize the USPS is just another attempt to screw over the middle class and working poor. I am old enough to remember when the Post Office had banking services. And I remember them holding your packages if you were not home, not like today when UPS drops them at your door and someone steals them before you can get to the door.
Our militarized, corporate government is on a rapid decline unless we can turn it around and have it work for the people.

You summed it up well. A little simple observation should have (LONG ago) led everybody to the exact same conclusions but bc those .001% control 90% of the media – well, We All have to re-tell the Truth to all who get led astray. (It sounds like you Most Definitely do That already…) The truth is better than gold, it never goes out of style And it never loses Value…

2015 USPS results: $1.2B operating profit

“The U.S. Postal Service had a $1.2 billion operating profit in Fiscal Year 2015, the second consecutive year where operating profits went over $1 billion.”

Is that not correct?

We need to keep a strong federal postal service to protect our economy and our living standards in the US. Don’t privatize the postal service.

come on you aholes—get on with important issues !

We need to be able to communicate with or in this country and the world.

This is another outrageous and unconscionable attack on a historic American institution that has served the public without fail for centuries in a transparent attempt to enrich a greedy few. It must not be allowed to pass.

I see by this bill it is obvious that Congress has no intention of fixing health care in this country. Once on Medicare you can drop them easily. Keeping lobbyists and big pharma more important then employees who served the US government for decades. Are you going on Medicare at 65?