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Service has gone to pot the last few years since the mail processing plant system started! Local delivery now takes 2 days, consequently I drop off my city utility payment at City Hall rather than mailing it as I used to do! Box mail has a 11AM commitment but there are many times when the mail is not up at 1PM and on one day no one had even started boxing mail because they were working parcels! Since this office became a Hub rather than an SCF box mail is no longer put up on Sundays and holidays! The box… Read more »

I get my medication from the VA through the post! I would be lost without the great service of our post office!!

Postal Service serves a necessary function that needs not be privatised of lost

During the Reagan years the GOP took money out of the Post Office. If services seem substandard, blame them. Our postal service has worked great for decades and I too would be lost without it. They handle a HUGE volume of mail and rarely ever have a problem.

The U.S. Postal Service works fine for me. Congressional attempts to destroy this great organization is unwarranted and will damage our economy.

I am happy with my delivery at home. The Mt. Clemens, MI branch office is efficient and convenient for me, love it.

I need the post office for paying my bulks.

Save the USPO

I get mail about three times a week.

Trump and Republicans want to privatize the Pose Office so it will cost $12 to mail a letter instead of .49cents. The three branches of government, the military and the US Post Office are the only governmental institutions named in the U.S Constitution. We must fight to keep it viable and running.

Mail pick-up from a post office box is once a day so when paying bills I have to allow at least an extra day for delivery on the other end. Also there have been days when NO mail is delivered. Mail is no longer delivered at the same time every day; sometimes it comes late in the evening after dark when it can’t possibly be safe for the carrier.

We became friends with our carrier. This is totally what we don’t want. I use the US mail service all the time. I get my Braille and Talking Books for disabled through the mail.

Save the USPO!!


we get our meds through the mail we need the post office.save the post office.

Our USPS is a center in our community! We respect and love our post office workers and they have become a vital part of our community! Cannot believe the harassment they have endured for the past years. . . must be because they are a union!!

They’re trying to make all mail and package delivery privatized so that wants the postal service is eliminated they can boost prices up to whatever corporations want them to be and so that there will be no Federal Regulation or standards. It’s also a ploy to make it so that there will be no voting by mail, which would eliminate voting for many people across the country who cannot make it to their own voting locations, which in some states, is situated tens to hundreds of miles away. This is why the delivery standards have been relaxed so much and… Read more »

Where else could you get the quality service that we get from the post office at such a small cost?

My father worked for the USPS for 30 years. He would be appalled at this. The Republicans have been after USPS since Reagan. Bush #43 pushed through a measure in Congress right before the Democrats took over the House and Senate in the 2006 elections. This bill required the USPS to prepay pensions to cover the next 40 (maybe more, I can’t remember) years, but they only have 25 years to pay it. This has strapped the Postal Service and is the root cause of many of the problems. I first heard about this on the Ed Schulz radio show.… Read more »
Privatization forces have been working to get their greedy paws on this service so they can get them deep into our pockets. They will have us over a barrel and be able to charge without limits. What other business has to prefund retirement for employees for 75 years? That was meant as a sure way to take down the Post Office, just as they want to do away with other government services and institutions. We can conveniently get prescriptions through the mail, and have other packages delivered by USPS. Our mail person has been wonderful, the dog hears her truck… Read more »

Save our post office

The Post Office is a great service to every family in the US. Leave (our) US Post Office alone. Just give us back the service you took away by closing the processing plants. Keep up the good work employees. You ROCK!

The Republicans will destroy this country, now that they have their very own lap dog #NotMyPresident

The Post Office has always been one of the bulwarks of our economy.

Please leave the us postal service open..we all need it and want it…the service is not perfect but they have been cut for years..write or call your representives and tell them to leave the us postal service operating as a government service by the people and for the people and that is what our democracy was founded on.

We have an excellent post office in our area, but congressional budget cuts has made it difficult to predict when it will be open, particularly on weekends. The post office wasn’t meant to be a profit center. It is a government service that should be run through congressional appropriations as was the case before Reagan decided it had to be self-funding. It has never worked for the post office and won’t work now.

Listen to your constituents!!! We do NOT want the Post Office privatized!! We understand that postage costs will go up and the privatization will only benefit a few individuals!! NO NO NO!!!!

The Postal Service Works – leave it alone please.

my husband gets his meds thru the mail he is a vet.$12.00 to mail a letter they need to impeach the (excuse me) the bastard not my president wants to take everything away from us we need to fight him

i love my local p.o. and everyone that works there,especially my mail carriers. west lynn,massachusetts. i can’t imagine dealing w fedx everyday.

We depend on the postal service for many things. Last week I had to get a refill of a prescription and we got it back timely. All of our bills com through postal service. As I have gotten older it is harder for me to get out and about; I depend on the mail; please don’t degrade the service.

The Post Office is an essential service to all our communities and should be saved! I, for one, rely on it to communicate with some of my friends who have no Internet and cannot afford it!

We need our post office.

Please save our Post Office. They do a great job. And I like to be able to send cards and letters to people instead of using e-mail, Its more personal and especially for family and friends that live far away. And to many people would lose jobs.

The post office has been there for all of everyone’s life. It has great practical utility, but is also a psychological sign of continuity and dependability. Please leave it as it is.

The United States Postal Service is enshrined as a right guaranteed to us, “We the People,” in the United States Constitution. Article I, Section 8, states “To establish Post Offices and post Roads” — and Congress is the governmental body put in charge of it. We now have a Congress that is openly hostile to the United States Postal Service, because certain members of Congress see an opportunity to privatize our mail service. One must wonder how much stock they own in corporations such as FedEx and UPS. If our mail service is privatized, we will not be able to… Read more »

The post office is a vital necessity to the United States and the world. They are part of keeping all people together and employed. All people don’t have access to the Internet.

I depend on the post office and home delivery. The partial privatization has made it more difficult for carriers and is hurting the entire post office. It needs to be stopped and put back the way it was and was meant to be under the constition.

there are many of us who rely on home delivery of mail!

The republicans are again attacking the US Postal service workers; now they are after the union and retiree’s health insurance benefits. They won’t stop until their rich corporate friends own the entire postal system.
FIGHT PRIVITIZATION ! SAVE OUR UNIONS ! VOTE DEMOCRATIC. Only the Democrats are fighting for our union our jobs and our USPS which guarantees fair and inexpensive mail delivery to EVERYONE in the entire USA

The Postal Service is an important part of our lives. We NEED it to be open and transparent AND affordable. Don’t do any messing around with it to help rich people; they don’t need yet another break. We, the ordinary people, are the ones who could use a break if there’s one to be had.

The US Post Office is one of the oldest institutions in the country and one of the MOST useful social services to the public. Terrible news that the Republican congress is tending to side with the private corporations who do not want the competition from this public service and would raise the cost of this service many times higher. Competition is good! Congress should protect the US Postal Service’s health and independence.

I love the post office please dont close it and probably privitize it

As a senior citizen I depend on the US mail service a lot. Meds and other items arrive here in a timely fashion.
The Republicans forced the USPO to fund their retirement fund “till the end of time” and then gave them just a few years to comply. Bah humbug on those who want our Medicare, SS, Medicaid and postal service !!!

I find the post office both diligent and hard working. In short, they are the best !

We rely on oe delivery of mail.

My mail arrives on time, in good condition, delivered by a friendly and pleasant carrier. Service at the local post office is also a good experience, and all this is done at rates which beat the competition. Closing the postal service would be another proof that Congress cares not at all about the welfare and convenience of the American people.

We live out in the middle of nowhere and our mailbox is ten miles away. The Post Office is 22 miles away. We must preserve out post office and kick Republican assholes to the curb.

The U.S. Postal Service is provided for in the Constitution and I will be damned if I will let ANY pissant Republican shut it down. This will be another case where we must march on Washington and kick ass.

Shutting down OUR Postal Service is to absurd to even consider.
I say — NO!