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Shutting down our Postal Service sound far too “TRUMP” to me. I say an enormous “NO”

The PO was the only federal department to make a profit!!!! Besides the outrageous order for PO to pay into workers’ pension funds for 70 !!! years ahead, please remember that postal workers have to pass a background check and take an oath. I trust them. When I was doing eBay sales, I sent over 600 packages without a single loss -and only one breakage -which was my packing fault. And all at cheaper rates than private FedEx and UPS. I hate that the corporations are salivating for the business. I hate that our Post Office buildings -some beautiful and… Read more »

Ben Franklin started the post office. What in the world are these people thinking? It’s obvious they don’t care about the rights of citizens in a free country.

I use two post offices near my apartment – and one near my work. Shutting them down would be ridiculously stupid. The only reason behind it is the same as getting rid of the Education Dept, The EPA, the FCC – they want to shut down the entire government in order to have an oligarchy, a plutocracy – an autocratic, tyrannical, fascist dictatorship! NO TRUMP REGIME, NO BANNON, NO devastation of our very democracy, the republic we’ve had for 200 years!!!!

its only fair,people have earned the right to retire decently and with wages the way they have been, families cant support their elders on what they make, plus not everyone has a family. bloodsuckers want to drain the money we invest, and they want to privatize it to enrich themselves. No to oligarchy!

We need our processing and distribution plants reopened. Every since my original plant closed in North Carolina, one I worked at. I had to transfer to South Carolina where our mail was moved to. Customers complain about how long it takes to get mail now. Working for PO has gotten worse. The mail volume has grown and it’s too much for one plant.
Stupid idea to close processing facilities.

The Post Office is a great American institution that actually works and serves the people.

Stop strangling the postal service with inadequate funding, and expand service. The US Postal Service was founded by Benjamin Franklin and is an essential service to the entire country.

The Post Office is a great American institution that actually works and serves the people.

Change the requirement of PO pension payments that are paid 70 years in advance. SAVE OUR POST OFFICES! PO service is necessary, responsible, and TRUSTED!

We should reinstate the postal bank, that I understand was done away with in 1967. We lived in New Zealand in the 1960’s and enjoyed the services of their postal bank. It served as a simple deposit and checking account available to everyone. And it may have had other services I wasn’t aware of. It’s just what we need in this era of predatory banks and check-cashing businesses. Also, post offices could provide space for community rooms, and even internet services, especially in rural and low-income urban areas where there isn’t a nearby public library. We worry about our small… Read more »


The PO has done the job of helping the American people. It has functioned for many years and does a good job. The employees have a hard job and do the best they can considering the circumstances. I am against the making this a private goal. It needs to continue the way it is. If it becomes private than the cost will increase and the stamp is still the best bargain we have for sending things to other people.

The last thing we need to do is privatize the US mail service. Keep our post offices!

Tell MOVE ON to teach political theory to interrupt the circle we’re forced to go ’round in for lack of knowledge that builds the unity to take hold of our ideas. The problem is the need to free ourselves from profit in order to protect Earth – and our lives. Each effort and win has value – except as it’s conquered by our Owners, which just pass new laws to overturn our victories. Fun for them. Anguish for us. Whose course is directed against their own self interests is the carefully dis-educated, alienated ‘middle America’, exploited labor lost in a… Read more »

The U S post office provides an essential service. Once again the Trump regime wants to privatize this vital institution for the benefit of profits for a few.

We need our local post office to remain here and to be able to continue the valuable job it does. It’s truly a lifeline for our rural community to the outside world. Some things we can’t do by email, texting, Facebook or Twitter!!!!!

we need our post office keep hands off

The U.S. Postal Service is a bulwark of our democracy.

Internet mail is good but there’s nothing like getting real mail from family and other loveones.