Indiana State Police to receive 24% pay raise over 2 years

Photo credit Big Jon

Over the July 4th holiday I learned something very special. Two of my favorite neighbors were having a low country boil as part of their Independence Day celebration and I might add these boys threw down well. While visiting with one of the guests at the cook out I learned that one of my efforts ended with a positive result. Brandon an Indiana State Policeman asked me the question, “So Jerry, what is it that you blog about?”

Knowing Brandon’s occupation, it was a slam dunk to answer, “Well I go kind of left-wing on this stuff. Kind of pro-labor and things that benefit working class people! You know people like you.” Then I showed him this link “We Support a Major Pay Raise for the Indiana State Police”

Brandon then explained to me the Indiana State Police will receive a 24% pay raise over the next two years. He also thanked me for my personal efforts in helping me to get the ISP a pay raise. Now my part in this effort was kind of small but still it was something. I launched a petition in support of the Indiana State Police Alliance’s petition and promoted both petitions widely on the internet. During the effort, a television reporter from the CBS affiliate in Evansville contacted me and I did a telephone interview about why I was doing the petition. I’m thankful I had the opportunity to help with such a worthy cause. If you read the article at the link you will note the Indiana State Police are not very well paid for putting their lives in harm’s way each work day.

Now back to the low country boil.  This was a first for me.  I had no idea what a low country boil even was.  Still it had two of my favorite people in life celebrating Big Jon and Kurt so I had to check it out.  Plus, there was a lot of cars there and I knew if I had a little bit of time it would really be entertaining.  If you have never attended a low country boil like me here is what the “Hoosier” version entails.  Two huge stainless-steel cooking pots.  I am guessing those things were 25 or 30 quarts a piece.  I could be wrong but they were huge.  Two burners fired by two bottles of that stuff that run your gas grill.  Filled with water, corn, potatoes, onions, muscles, shrimp, crawdads and various odds and ends with seasonings I’ve never heard of.  Cooked forever then dumped on picnic table with a covering and everyone fills their plates with their fingers.  What a concept this is!

Now the picture above shows the table just before I had to leave and move on to my next stop for the day.  Which was still early but I had one more stop to make on the 4th of July.  It was really starting to get picked over pretty good.  This was a neat experience I’ll have to attend another one someday.

Photo credit: Me! I didn’t get in the pool!

No visit to Kurt’s house would be complete without a picture of the pool and people holding beer cans.  So that one is above.  I am thankful we live in a country that allows certain freedoms.  That we have the opportunity to have a holiday off once in a while and visit with the neighbors and share a beer or two.  I’m thankful for friends, family and good jobs that allow us the opportunity to throw a good party and relax.  Oh! I almost forgot I’m thankful for girls softball which gives a reason to celebrate along with the Independence Day holiday.  Go Warriors!

Be safe and congratulations to the Indiana State Police on a well deserved pay raise!

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