Postal Unions fight for a vibrant well staffed post office

The American Postal Workers Union and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union have amped up a major campaign to guarantee their jobs are manned.  If you have recently visited a post office retail counter you may have noticed long lines with a single clerk serving the line.  This is because the post office has stopped filling vacant postal clerk and mail handler jobs.  Current reports show the post office has intentions of eliminating up to 15,000 jobs immediately in post offices across the USA.  The lack of retail clerks is the impact every American see with ease first hand.  This is only a small part of the job cuts.  Many jobs will be lost in mail processing and processing facilities will be downsized.  This will cause the mail to slow down.

The quote below is from the following article about the public impact of the proposed job losses:   APWU Geared Up to Fight Back Against USPS Reductions in Service and Jobs

“As postal workers and postal customers know from experience, in most offices, the Postal Service is seriously understaffed and causing poor service to the community. Some installation heads are acting with integrity and resisting the unreasonable reductions in duty assignments and service, but many are going along despite the harm to postal workers and the community.” APWU released statement

The first public step for both postal unions was to issue a joint letter the Postmaster General about the situation.  You may read the National Postal Mail Handlers Unions letter to Postmaster General Megan Brennan at the following link: Union Moves to Challenge Wholesale Job Reversions and Bid Abolishments

“We are gearing up for a large fight,” said President Dimondstein. “I know that if we stick together and stay united, then – just like the Stop Staples and contract campaigns – we will be victorious.” Mark Dimondstein, National President of the American Postal Workers Union

The postal unions will have a very rugged battle ahead.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics recently reported in the next seven years the loss of over 28% of all jobs for postal clerks and in mail processing.  This is 136,000 lost jobs.

Jonathan Smith, New York Metro Area Local President released a video explaining the nationwide downsizing of postal worker jobs.  He also reaches out to his union membership to make a stand and fight back.  The New York Metro Area Local is the largest local within the American Postal Workers Union.

Roscoe Woods President of APWU Local 480-481 in Michigan recently filed federal labor charges against Postmaster General Megan Brennan. These charges were filed because local management refused to fill APWU represented job vacancies even though the national union contract stated they should be filled.  Below is a quote from Roscoe over the frustration and futility dealing with local postal management.  Local APWU unions are ready to fight and it would appear no stone will be left unturned.

“The fact this is a national instruction and the fact no one locally will settle any grievances pretty much renders our national agreement null and void.”

Recently in Scarborough, Maine APWU Local 458 are reaching out to their Congressman and the local media to defend their mail processing plant.  The postal service has announced they would be moving mail processing equipment to a facility in New Hampshire.  The post office made a similar announcement earlier this year for a facility in Spooner, Wisconsin.  You may read more about the situation at the mail processing plant in Scarborough, Maine at that follows.  There is also a video of the local television coverage.   U.S. Postal Workers Urging Leaders to Stop Transfer to New Hampshire

This is a time for unity to stand in defense of our nation’s public post office.  This is a direct attack on the nation’s largest employer with a union workforce.  It is part of a larger austerity program designed to make our government a thumbnail of what it once was.  The same attack has been launched against the American Federation of Government Employees.  A labor union which represents over 600,000 government workers who work at places like the Social Security Administration, the Veterans Administration and other vital government service programs.  We encourage all to stand in solidarity with the American Postal Workers Union and the National Postal Mail Handlers Union in defense of our vibrant public post office and good paying union jobs.  This is a battle that will impact every American.  It is not just about labor unions and the post office.  It is about everything the USA stands for.

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