We oppose President Trump’s proposed federal budget

President Trump’s budget does nothing to benefit the working class. It slashes federal programs, harms children programs (SNAP) and the disabled. The only people who benefit from the Trump Budget are the President and his wealth surrogates.

You may sign this petition directly on moveon.org at this link “We oppose President Trump’s proposed federal budget”. The form above may not work on some browsers.

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Shameless isn’t just a show on Showtime.

WE THE PEOPLE (all of us). Not the 1%! Speak up for the 99% who need a fair economy!

For first time our defense budget is more than everything else. If our budget is a statement of our values then this is not a value I am in agreement with.

This is yet another transfer of wealth to rich assholes who don’t need more money and more tax cuts. We aren’t fooled by the recreation of Reaganomics that began with St. Raygun’s proposed budget in 1981. Even Reagan would verbalize his displeasure with Trump’s budget if he was able to speak from hell. Yet, the eternal position of Satan’s penis in Reagan’s mouth for eternity prevents Douche, uh, Dutch from speaking clearly.

I will never understand why the 99% continually vote against their own interests. Sycophantic Republicans catered to corporations and the affluent long before the 2016 Presidential Election. By electing Trump and a majority Republican Party in both houses of Congress, the disillusioned and the deplorable have signaled that they are willing to seal America’s fate by putting nails in the nation’s coffin. As a citizen, I hope we are not forever doomed by such a devastating, self-inflicted injury.

It amazes me that it’s the working class that voted this bozo in the WH and they still support him.

Bad budget. Too much money for military and not enough taxes on wealthy. Put money for food and the environment.

When We The People stop allowing the GOP to divide us and demonize federal workers,and hopefully we will wake up and accept the fact that federal workers are American citizen that deserve a decent living and wages,

Biggest scam ever for everyone! Except the rich.