17 Things to Thank Labor Unions for

The organized labor movement of the USA is directly responsible for so many things most take for granted these days. Things many people believe they will always have. We cannot take anything for granted in society today. There just aren’t any guarantees. We encourage you to review our list of 17 things you should thank a labor union for and hold them treasured in your heart.

  1. Helped End Child Labor
  2. 40-hour work week
  3. 8 Hour work day
  4. Fair wages and income equality
  5. Paid vacation
  6. Breaks at work and lunch break
  7. Sick leave
  8. Paid holidays
  9. Social Security
  10. Employer retirement plans
  11. FMLA (Family & Medical Leave Act)
  12. Collective bargaining for wages and working conditions
  13. Unemployment Insurance
  14. Overtime Pay
  15. Weekends
  16. Wrongful termination laws
  17. Workplace safety laws

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