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Our discussion forum featuring news, information and links that are of interest to the working class.  Our goal is to have something for everyone who visits.  Feel free to browse, reply to a post, or start a new topic.

Items of interest to us are any moveon.org petitions you have authored or signed.  We believe in real people working to make political action happen in real time.

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Protests and ActivismNews, information and links about activism and protests.
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Postal ServiceNews, information, discussion, and links about the post office
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Government ReformNews, information and links about government reform
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Labor UnionsNews, information, discussion, and links about labor unions.
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Social Security and MedicareNews, information, discussion, and links about Social Security and Medicare.
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PrivatizationNews, information and links about privatization.
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PoliticsNews, information and links about politics
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Right To WorkNews, information, discussion, and links about Right to Work.
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Health Care ReformNews, information, discussion, and links about health care reform.
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Items For SaleServices or items for sale.
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