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Tuesday, December 13th.
Exxon Mobile CEO Rex Tillerson Nominated for Secretary of State (The News Blurb)
POLITICSPrinceton professor’s chart proves FBI announcement about Clinton emails gave the election to Trump (US Uncut)
Feminists Take a Swing at Kellyanne Conway—and Whiff Totally (The Daily Beast)
Accusations of domestic violence aren’t a deal breaker for those in the Trump administration (Daily Kos)
Donald Trump Delays Plans To Resolve His Conflicts Of Interest (Huffington Post)
Reports of Aleppo civilians shot on the spot by pro-regime forces – UN (The Guardian)
Trump, McConnell, Giuliani & Comey Just Got Formally Accused Of Treason By Democratic Group (Occupy Democrats)
Donald Trump’s Theory On Catching Hackers Gives Cybersecurity Pros The Giggles (Huffington Post)

Monday, December 12th.
Sanders: Trump Should Pledge to Veto Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid Cuts (Press Release, The News Blurb)
Trump’s senior advisor’s long history with extremist groups has just been exposed (US Uncut)
Democratic, GOP Senators Unite to Sound Alarm Over Russia (The Daily Beast)
How 2016 is turning into George Orwell’s ‘1984’ (Daily Kos)
Trump Just Said The Dumbest And Most Dangerous Thing On Fox News Sunday (Political Dig)
NEWS Trump Just EXPLODED On Reporter Who Asked About Conflicts Of Interest, This Is Frightening (Liberal Society)
New York Times Editorial Board demands Donald Trump go along with Russia investigation (Daily News Bin)
Trump blasts NBC on Twitter (Politico)
The December 19 Electoral College Vote Must Be Postponed Until We Figure Out What’s Going On With Russian Electoral Interference (Huffington Post)

Sunday, December 11th.
Is Trump Owned by Putin? (The News Blurb)
CIA Drops Hammer: ‘Trump Should Have His Security Clearance Revoked’ (Political Dig)
Support MoveOn’s Fight Against Trump’s Agenda and Get Bernie’s New Book (MoveOn)
The Battle to Save Medicare Continues (MoveOn, The News Blurb)
Ukrainian aircraft company offers to build Trump’s new Air Force One instead of mean, cruel Boeing (Daily Kos)
Key House GOPer Introduces Bill With Major Cuts To Social Security (TPM)
NEWS Trump Top Choice For Secretary Of State’s Shady Business Ties To Russia (Liberal Society)
Tester Leads Charge to “Drain the Swamp” in Washington (Press Release, The News Blurb)
Top Senate Republicans Just Committed An Act Of Treason (Political Dig)

Saturday, December 10th.
Russia hacked Republican National Committee emails, but didn’t make them public (Daily News Bin)
Every Day Is Not a Day on The Beach for Those on Social Security and Medicare (The News Blurb)
House Republicans Just Revealed Their Plan To Cut Social Security (Political Dig)
TELL NBC: Dump Trump (Media Matters)
Intelligence agents determine ‘electing Trump was Russia’s goal’ (Daily Kos)
REPORTS: Trump Expected To Pick As Secretary of State Exxon’s Rex Tillerson (TPM)
‘Unfathomable’: Trump Expected to Name Exxon CEO as Secretary of State (Common Dreams)
NEWS Union Leader Who Called Trump A Liar Is Now Getting Phone Calls Saying “We Are Going To __________________” (Liberal Society)
How Will Trump React to the CIA’s Claim That Russia Was Trying to Help Him Win? (Slate)
NBC Dumped Donald Trump Over His Bigotry, but Now They’re Back Together (The Daily Beast)
Schumer demands bipartisan Senate investigation into Russian election interference (Share Blue)

Friday, December 9th.
Long Before Trump, Kellyanne Conway Worked for Anti-Muslim and Anti-Immigrant Extremists (Mother Jones)
Veterans at Standing Rock Ready to Take Clean Water Fight to Flint (Common Dreams)
Watch Trump’s Labor Pick Squirm When Asked If He’d Have Fired Trump Under His Restaurant’s Sexual Harassment Policy (Alternet)
Congressional Democrats Just Called Intel Agencies To Disclose Trump’s Ties To Russia (Political Dig)
Right-Wing Media Are Using The Term “Fake News” To Attack Credible News Sources (Media Matters)
NEWS Michael Moore’s New Anti-Trump Movement Is Breaking The Internet (Liberal Society)
Earthjustice Responds to President-elect Trump’s Pick to Head the Department of the Interior (Press Release, The News Blurb)
‘Fascist Rhetoric’ Becoming Commonplace in US and Europe: UN (Common Dreams)
Merry Christmas! Here’s a House Republican Plan to Cut Social Security. (Slate)
House Republicans Just Revealed Their Plans for Major Cuts to Social Security (US Uncut)

Thursday, December 8th.
Your Turn: Farewell, America (Bill Moyer)
The many contradictions of Trump’s secretary of state candidates (Politico)
Election Aftermath: Toss the Thinking—Emotions Rule! (Alternet)
Two Klan Leaders Charged In a North Carolina Stabbing At Trump Victory Party (Political Dig)
What Media Should Know About Scott Pruitt, Trump’s Pick To Head The EPA (Media Matters)
With New Tax, Portland Fires Opening Shot in Battle Against Extreme CEO Pay (Common Dreams)
Just in Time for the Trump Administration, the FBI Has Expanded Surveillance Powers (Slate)
The union leader who Trump tried to bully into silence just exposed more of his lies. (US Uncut)
Does Donald Trump Believe Nuclear War Is Inevitable? (Mother Jones)

Wednesday, December 7th.
Democrats Launched a New Effort to Shut Down the Congressional Panel Investigating Planned Parenthood (Mother Jones)
Union Leader Who Exposed Trump’s Lies: I’m Getting Dead Threats (Political Dig)
Reporter’s Notebook: What It Was Like As A Muslim To Cover The Election (NPR)
The GOP Is Coming After Medicare, and the Democrats Can Barely Contain Themselves (Slate)
Pence jokes about who is really in charge; evades about member of transition team (Share Blue)

Tuesday, December 6th.
Top Officials Sound The Alarm Over Creeping Militarization Of Trump’s Cabinet (Political Dig)
The Criminalization of Black Homelessness (Alternet)
A Moral Panic for the Age of Trump (Slate)
Energy Transfer Partners releases statement on Army’s order to reroute Dakota pipeline (US Uncut)

Monday, December 5th.
Why Didn’t Progressive Candidates Perform Better In 2016? – The Majority Report (The Ring of Fire)
Sen. Bernie Sanders Statement on Dakota Access Pipeline Decision (The News Blurb)
With One Tweet, Trump Just Caused a Diplomatic Mess With China (Political Dig)
Tar Heel Heist: How the Charter School Industry is Hijacking Public Education (Alternet)
CNN’s Dana Bash: I Don’t Think Trump “Has To Reach Out To The People That Didn’t Vote For Him” (Media Matters)
ALERT: Dakota Pipeline Co. Just Responded To Stop Work Order, And It’s Terrible News (Occupy Democrats)
Snowden: Petraeus Leaked ‘Far More Highly Classified’ Info Than I Did (Common Dreams)
Trump’s Businesses And Potential Conflicts: Sorting It Out (NPR)
Veteran special forces officer: Mattis ‘left us to die’ during friendly fire disaster in Afghanistan (US Uncut)
After a Month of Claiming Voter Fraud, North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory Finally Concedes (Mother Jones)

Sunday, December 4th.
BREAKING: NoDAPL Prevails – Obama Administration Halts Pipeline (The Ring of Fire)
My ‘identity’ can get me killed (DAILYKOS)
China Lodges Diplomatic Complaint After Trump Calls Taiwan (Common Dreams)
Elizabeth Warren Proposes to Strengthen Democratic Spines With a Powerful New Tool: Math (Bill Moyer)

Saturday, December 3rd.
The Wall Street-Washington Complex Invades Trump’s Cabinet (Mother Jones)
Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is a Full-on Privatization Assault (The Nation)
Every Day Is Not a Day on The Beach for Those on Social Security and Medicare (The News Blurb)
POLITICS‘I’d be dead without Medicare!’: Trump voters are already sharing their deep regrets (US Uncut)
Bring manufacturing home? Let’s start with Ivanka Trump’s $100 million made-in-Asia apparel line (DAILYKOS)
Veterans Arrive at Standing Rock to Act as ‘Human Shields’ for Water Protectors (Common Dreams)
Ace Hardware Stores Near Standing Rock are Refusing to Sell Supplies to Protesters (US Uncut)

Friday, December 2nd.

Like Kryptonite to Campaign Finance Reform (Bill Moyer)
Cornel West: If Dems Can’t Stand Against Fracking, How Are They Going to Stand Against War & Corruption? (The RIng of Fire)
Donald Trump Insists That Wages Are ‘Too High’ (Counter Current News)
Hillary Clinton surpasses 2.5M popular vote lead amid recount efforts (UPI)
Tulsi Gabbard Will Deploy With Fellow Vets to Stand With Standing Rock (The Nation)
Democratic Senators Bust GOP Scheme To Secretly Confirm Social Security Privatizer (Politicus USA)
Donald Trump announces James Mattis as his choice for secretary of defense (The Guardian)
Florida Governor Busted Attempting To Toss Thousands Of Mail-In Ballots (PoliticalDIG)